According to the doctoral thesis by Riikka Mononen, mathematics interventions can be used successfully to promote the early mathematics skills of children with low performance in mathematics, already before the onset of formal schooling and in the early grades. Identifying low performance in mathematics and providing sufficient support should be emphasised already in early childhood education.

A new paper has just been published by the Mind the Gap -crew in The Finnish Journal of Education. The aim of this study was to examine how sixth-graders engage in socio-digital participation and whether there are differences between gender or students with different interests. Also, the aim was to investigate the relationships between socio-digital […]

A new study from the educational psychology research group in University of Helsinki has been published in Creative Education Journal. In their study, Iida Vedenpää and Kirsti Lonka explored what kinds of conceptions of creativity and learning do Finnish teachers and teacher students express. The study also aimed to find out do teachers and student […]

Learning researcher, psychologist and professor Kai Hakkarainen wants to shake up the notion of learning as a permanent, intrinsic ability or talent which predetermines the level of achievement attainable for a person. Professor of Education Kai Hakkarainen will give his inaugural lecture on 3 December from 14.45 in the Runeberg hall. The Finnish-language lecture will […]