Julia Moeller

Dr. phil., Dipl.-Psych., Post-doctoral researcher.

Areas of Expertise: motivation, long-term persistence, passion/commitment/ engagement, personality, Experience Sampling Methods

Julia Moeller is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland, and a fellow in the Pathways to Adulthood -programme. She currently works in the EAGER project about science engagement in Finnish and U.S. American high schools (P.I.s are Katariina Salmela-Aro, Jari Lavonen, & Barbara Schneider). Julia has been involved in the Mind the Gap -project and the Finnish Educational Transitions (FinEdu) Study since fall 2013.

In her dissertation she investigated passion for activities, its conceptualizations, measurement, relation to personality traits and long-term development.

Julia Moeller is interested in the interplay of state and trait determinants in the development of long-term persistent and affect-intense achievement motivation. Her research bridges topics of the psychology of motivation, development, and personality. Her particular interest concerns intensive longitudinal data (e.g., Experience Sampling Method) in combination with person-oriented approaches.

Julia Moeller