Mette Ranta

Post-Doctoral Researcher

PhD (psychology)
M.Soc.Sc. (sociology)

Areas of Expertise: youth research, life course studies, well-being, financial issues, agency, youth transitions, emerging adulthood, person-oriented approach, longitudinal studies, quantitative research methods, multidisciplinarity, questionnaire data collections

Mette Ranta is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Psychology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland and at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. Her research work is part of the Finnish Educational Transitions (FinEdu) Study.

In her doctoral research study (defended 06/2015), Mette Ranta investigated the role of economic determinants on subjective well-being and life course development during emerging adulthood, in the critical and multi-faceted transition from education to further studies and/or employment during times of economic uncertainty in society. The focus was on young adults’ current financial situation in Finland, conceptualizing young adults as active agents, and explored resources which promote successful transitions, financial independence and well-being. The focus was on the changing nature of the transition to adulthood, as frequently transitions vary between individuals, and are interlinked and postponed.

Mette Ranta's research work has a multidisciplinary focus, integrating sociological youth and life course theories and perspectives on the macro-economic sociohistorical context with psychological theories on positive youth development. Through working with longitudinal data sets and making use of extensive statistical analyses, her research aims to contribute to our understanding of young adulthood development by analyzing the role of economic factors and potential underlying mechanisms regarding financial security, well-being developmental trajectories, and social relations.

Mette Ranta