Niclas Sandström

M.A., Doctoral student.

Areas of interest: physical, social and mental dimensions of learning environments; epistemological beliefs; epistemological profiles; educational psychology of space perception; educational semiotics; mixed methodologies; co-creative writing

Niclas Sandström is a graduate of Spanish Philology (University of Helsinki). He also holds majors in Advanced special studies in Education (Faculty of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki) and in Communication Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki). He is currently a PhD student in educational psychology (Research Group of Educational Psychology) at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is Secretary of the Semiotic Society of Finland.

Formerly, Niclas Sandström has published articles and book chapters on experimental renal research, linguistics, semiotics, education and educational psychology (in Journal of Laboratory Investigation and Journal of Sociolinguistic Studies; renowned book series John Benjamins Publishing). He has studied Spanish- and Portuguese-based Creole languages and different varieties of modern Romance languages applying e.g. a semantic metatheory (the Natural Semantic Metatheory, NSM) and a theory of morphemes (the 4-M model of morpheme classification) in close collaboration with professor of Spanish Language Angela Bartens, University of Turku, Finland. He has also applied the existential semiotic theory on various social and communicative phenomena spanning the new administrative model implemented in the University of Helsinki in 2006 (the New Salary System for Universities, YPJ), as well as discourse and power analytical studies on educational speech. In relation to this, he has coined the concept speech on difficulty that entails the various discursive functions of educational speech studied in a semiotic framework, aiming at revealing the psychological memes that function in such speech and the effects such memes have.

Currently, Niclas Sandström is involved in RYM Indoor Environment -project (funded by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) and the Mind the Gap -project (funded by the Academy of Finland). His main research interests include the psychology of education (motivation, academic emotions and epistemological beliefs), in particular the relation between the afore-mentioned concepts and the physical learning environment. He participates in interdisciplinary research on the relation between physical spaces and educational practices and the affordances therein. He is also interested in the semiotics of education, and the co-creative potential of scientific research and innovations in modern society.

Niclas Sandström