Olli Vesterinen

Ph.D., Post-doctoral researcher, OmniSchool - Koulu Kaikkialla

  • OmniSchool – Koulu Kaikkialla (2011 – 2015)

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We won’t teach you how to use technology. Frances Valintine, CEO of The Mind Lab by Unitec, is opening a postgraduate certificate course by surprising her audience. However, she strongly encourages New Zealand teachers to bring “more technology-based practices into classroom.” The course is The Mind Lab’s effort to enhance digital literacy capability and implementation of contemporary practice in the teaching profession. […]

I had the opportunity to participate in a seminar held in Helsinki about education, innovation policy and pedagogies to enhance 21st century learning. A special focus was given to entrepreneurship and innovations in post-industrialised countries such as Finland. One of the keynote speakers was professor Colin Jones from the University of Tasmania. He specializes in entrepreneurship […]