A new publication: Sixth-graders’ socio-digital participation, interests and academic well-being

A new paper has just been published by the Mind the Gap -crew in The Finnish Journal of Education. The aim of this study was to examine how sixth-graders engage in socio-digital participation and whether there are differences between gender or students with different interests. Also, the aim was to investigate the relationships between socio-digital participation, ICT-skills and attitudes, academic achievement, and academic well-being. The data were collected by questionnaires in Helsinki. The pupils’ socio-digital participation was focused on hanging out and only few participated in creative activities. No large differences in socio-digital participation were found between the interest groups. For example, students interested in sports were as likely to use ICT as their peers. Notably, socio-digital participation was negatively associated with school achievement, engagement, and school value and positively associated with school burnout. These results might indicate a gap between the practices of the youth and the practices of school, hindering some students’ school motivation and well-being.

More information: https://ktl.jyu.fi/en/publications/journals/the-finnish-journal-of-education/the-finnish-journal-of-education