3SPACES (2015 – 2017)

3SPACES – Towards Inspiring Workplaces

The 3SPACES project aims to enhance productivity and profitability of Finnish SME companies by contributing to different-aged employees’ well-being and scopes of action. The project facilitates SME:s to develop themselves to competitive and inspiring workplaces by initiating a change process in 3 spaces at the same time: mental, physical and digital transformation. The development of the 3 spaces at the same time is a new way of change management that fosters allocation of resources and well-being at work and hence lengthens employees’ careers. The project will be implemented as a holistic training program of “transformation agents”. The specific objectives of the project are: (1) change in mental space, (2) change in digital space and (3) change in physical space.

Haaga-Helia (main partner) and University of Helsinki (partner) implement the 3SPACES project in cooperation with local SMEs. The target group of the project is formed from SME representatives, management, and equal representatives of public employment organizations participating in the transformation agent training. The indirect target group is formed from the other employees and managers of SMEs as well as from university staff members and students, whose understanding and awareness develops by the change of 3SPACES. The existing services aimed for SMEs, such as Finnish mobile applications supporting employees’ well-being and working habits, will be utilized in the project, and hence the service providers are also part of the indirect target group.

The transformation agent training program will be implemented twice during the 2 years (2015-2017). Both of the trainings involve about 5 companies, each providing 1-3 participants. The goals of the project will be reached with concrete actions.


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