EWC -Engaging Working Culture (2016 – 2017)

Engaging Working Culture Project is a TUTL research project, which combines new knowledge and business developed from research ideas in collaboration with University of Helsinki and Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation). Tekes funds research projects, where scientists and Finnish research organizations take the development of an idea further while preparing for the commercialization of the idea into new business. EWC Project is led by Kirsti Lonka (Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Helsinki). This innovative project rebuilds existing working culture and creates new interactive frames for the future of work on individual, team and organizational level.

During this project a software solution is being studied and developed. It will help teams and organizations to improve their innovative knowledge creation practices.  Engaging Working Culture Project examines the opportunities in future work, learning and socio-digital knowledge creation in national and international organizations and academies. Theoretical background of this study consist of Inquiry Learning Process (Hakkarainen, Lonka & Lipponen, 2004), Self-renewing Systems (Ståhle, 2009) and Engaging Learning model (Lonka, 2012).

This Research Project combines collaborative and engaging ways of learning and working as well as technology, well-being and productivity. The key research activities analyzes the needs of future work and usability of the software in a working life. This research identifies the different customer segments’ needs of virtual work spaces, leadership, collaborative learning and knowledge creation.






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