Growing Mind (2018-ongoing)

Growing Mind

Educational transformations for facilitating  sustainable personal, social, and institutional renewal in the digital age.

The youth is our most important resource for future sustainable development. The Growing Mind -project aims at producing means for the renewal and development of schools, teachers and student’s on the personal, social, and institutional level.

The project aims for societal impact ja brings to the forefront the challenges arising from digitalization on the social, personal and institutional level. The project activities are done in cooperation between school practitioners and academic research. The activities support the aims of the new core curriculum, students’ 21st century skills and teachers’ professional development.

The multi-disciplinary Growing Mind -project research is carried out in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and schools. The research-based models will be disseminated throughout the country through the national Innokas Network.

Longitudinal data on adolescents’ learning and development;

  • Targeting learning, motivation & engagement, digital partnership and wellbeing and the effect of digitalization on adolescents’ brain functioning.
  • Aim is to identify students at risk and produce means to prevent the risk of exclusion.

Interventions for empowering the learning, persistence and development of adolescents at transition points.

Pedagogic innovations that will utilize data collected in the project. The purpose is to include in teaching complex open-ended problems to be solved in cooperation and that will inspire creativity and innovativeness.

Learning analytics for tracing personal and social digital learning processes.

Supporting professional development by creating research-practice partnership.

Growing Mind- Educational transformations for facilitating sustainable personal, social and institutional renewal (2018-2023) is carried out in cooperation with the City of Helsinki and the national Innokas Network and it is funded by the Strategic research funding which operates the Academy of Finland.


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