OmniSchool – Koulu Kaikkialla (2011 – 2015)

OmniSchool (Koulu Kaikkialla) is a five-year (2011–2015) research and development project funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The project is carried out at the Research Unit for Teaching and Learning at the University of Helsinki, Department of Teacher Education. Our goal is to bridge children’s learning across different settings and promote life-wide and lifelong learning.

RYM Indoor Environment (2011 – 2015)

Indoor Environment Program (2011-2015) creates solutions that promote productivity, comfort and health of space user in an ecologically sustainable way. The focus areas are user-centric spaces, energy efficient management, revenue models for good indoor environments, and design and implementation of inspiring learning environments. The program explores with an open mind new markets in indoor environments of the future.